Junction Church, Boughton Monchelsea Village Hall, Maidstone



Meet Katy Abson

I came to know Jesus when I realised He had trusted me with my special child with Autism who needed to be nurtured just the way Jesus would have done it. I had to get to know the nature of Jesus in order for my son to thrive, unconditional love and acceptance, unfailing hope, boldness, faith, grace and forgiveness were some of the tools I needed to start the journey that not only brought me to my heavenly Father but also gave me a sound foundation to strive to be the best parent I could be. Following His way made the biggest challenge of my life the most exciting, rewarding and successful experience to date!

After a few years at St Peters and a few Alpha courses later Paul and I we're invited to join the team chosen to conceive an outreach branch of Church in the village centre. Never in my life had I envisaged being a Church goer let alone leader, our God is a God of surprises for sure!

5 years later Junction is growing and changing and the biggest lesson I have learnt is that without prayer we only working in our own strength. Prayer has been my biggest revelation and my biggest challenge, years passed before I could pray aloud and as for making daily time to pray… well we are all a work in progress. My Hope for Junction is that we become a Church immersed in an attitude of prayer, that we explore the depths of reaching out to the Father in all we do as individuals, families and as a Church, my mission is to make prayer as natural to Junctionites as breathing.

I'm usually found in the kitchen both at home and at Junction, this is my happy place, I'm a great believer in loving people with food and service and have since learnt that its biblical too…. happy days! It seemed right then that I would take the taskforce as my area of responsibility for the core team, that way I am closest to the food and farthest away from the microphone! My husband Paul (he’s the loud one) has been part of the team since day one and our children (they are the loud teenage ones) don't remember life before Junction.

Katy & Paul Abson