Junction Church, Boughton Monchelsea Village Hall, Maidstone




I had always known Jesus from childhood but drifted away from the faith in my later teens. At the age of 29 I came back to the faith after a period of exploration and having seen God move in amazing ways. I have been a career police officer all that time and have loved the diverse nature of that career from which I have gained valuable skills in leadership.

It was not long after when I met my beautiful wife Cheryl who came to the home group I was running. We married in 2001 and now enjoy all the busyness of family life!
Junction was a dream that I shared with Cheryl to found a church that would be an alternative in style to a traditional model. We wanted to explore the possibilities of a user-friendly environment but with God firmly at the centre. We wanted to have relevant teaching for our daily lives and faith and an authentic open spirit. We wanted to foster a family of seekers and worshippers based on personal relationships. With this in mind, St. Peters church released us to begin this church plant within the village hall.
Cheryl and I head the responsibility of the Family aspect of Junction and sit on the Core team that oversees the church.

My dream is that Junction hosts God’s healing presence physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am hoping for a church that integrates everyday life with church – not just Sundays but being involved in community events and being a blessing to all. People should be able to see God’s love in action and see what a diverse non-judgemental bunch we are and want to join us! We are raising the next generation into church leadership and we are not afraid to take risks. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and plunge in……just like we did when we started Junction Church.